UKG’s Commitment to Responsible and Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence

UKG provides HR, payroll, and workforce management technology and services that inspire people and elevate the work experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers incredible potential to enhance that experience by helping people make faster and better-informed business decisions, improve operations, and use data to yield better outcomes, including to be more inclusive and empowering. AI also raises complex and evolving questions that are being actively debated and discussed in real time.

We are excited about the transformative opportunities AI holds and recognize our important responsibilities and the trust that our customers have placed in us. In using AI, we are committed to acting responsibly and ethically, and in accordance with the following principles:

  1. Our Code of Conduct, values, and commitments   
    We are committed to honoring the values reflected in our Code of Conduct and ESG initiatives. We comply with our applicable contractual and regulatory requirements related to the use of AI, data, and content used to train AI.
  2. Fairness and Inclusiveness.    
    We want to use AI in ways that promote inclusiveness, help to achieve equitable outcomes, avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias, help managers spend more time with their people, enable compliance, and create great places to work. We are committed to:
    • Cultivating diverse teams to develop, implement, and monitor our algorithms, models, and data;
    • Engaging with external stakeholders to ensure we are using best practices with respect to how we gather and use data, create algorithms and models, and benchmark performance;
    • Testing our models for potential bias before and after deployment; and
    • Being thoughtful about how content is generated for broader audiences and how information is presented to the diverse users of our products.
  3. Transparency and Interpretability   
    AI should be used to support human judgment. An important part of the ethical and responsible use of AI is explaining when, how, and why we are using AI in our products and services, and the safeguards we have in place to protect against potential risks. We will highlight the use of AI in our products where appropriate to do so. We work with our customers during the development lifecycle to test and refine our assumptions about their needs and goals and seek to make our model easier to interpret by providing insights into the drivers and the data sources being used.
  4. Privacy and Security   
    We recognize the importance of protecting customer data and our models from attack, unauthorized disclosure, manipulation, or other malicious behavior. Learn more  about our privacy practices and technical and organizational safeguards to ensure the security of our technology.
  5. Reliability and Safety   
    Developing reliable and effective AI requires continuous training, testing, feedback, and enhancements. Our advanced technology is trained and monitored so it can learn and improve while avoiding model drift. We seek to use algorithms and datasets that are as accurate as possible, monitored by humans for bias, and ultimately trustworthy. We rigorously test and refine our models. We actively seek customer feedback about the AI that we use and strive to be nimble in responding to it and learning from it.

These principles, and processes to support them, are incorporated into our development lifecycle. We will review, iterate on, and enhance them to incorporate new requirements and best practices as they emerge. We look to partner with other organizations that share in our commitment to using AI in a responsible and ethical manner.