Building Great Workplaces: The Power of a UKG Partnership

Nothing feels as good as a great place to work.

Now, more than ever, organizations recognize the importance of cultivating exceptional experiences for their employees. Workplace dynamics have shifted in the post-pandemic world, and today's workforce has made it clear—while fair pay and benefits are still a top priority—finding purpose and meaning in their work and cultivating open and transparent workplace relationships is paramount to a successful career. That's why it’s increasingly incumbent upon employers to foster an environment of trust, belonging, engagement, and overall well-being which not only translates to higher productivity and better business outcomes but are key ingredients to creating a great workplace.   

I recently spoke with a group of customers about how partnering with UKG is helping them build great workplaces and an environment where people can truly have the time of their lives! 

Jane: It's no secret, workplaces that foster a culture of trust and belonging—making it easier for their employees to thrive—experience better business and people outcomes. How does UKG help you live out your great workplace vision? 

Mario Brown, Chief Talent Officer, First Horizon Bank 

There are many facets that go into creating a great place to work. Some people may take a job for the pay, some may be looking to align themselves with an organization in terms of their identity, and still others may be looking to live out their purpose. The complete suite of services from UKG allows us to identify those people and not only understand their specific wants and needs but nurture and fulfill those needs to help answer their most pivotal questions: Am I valued? Is this a place for me? Can I get access to the things that I need to be successful? The ability for us to highlight and foster the individual talents that people bring to the table helps us create a great workplace because, in doing so, everyone feels a greater sense of purpose as well as a deeper connection to each other and the organization at large. 

Malia Goes, VP of Human Resources, Senske Services 

Senske is a lawn, tree, and pest control company. The majority of our workforce is constantly on the move, taking care of customers, so it’s important that we take care of them by providing meaningful ways to stay connected to the business—and that's exactly what UKG does. UKG helps us be a great place to work by empowering our people from the moment we first connect—starting with recruiting and then onboarding—and giving them convenient, anywhere-access to important information such as paystubs, timecards, and the ability to clock in and out of shifts and request time off through their mobile device. We’ve been able to increase our employee retention and, with UKG, we’re able to connect with our employees through technology in a way that we just weren't able to before. 

Kelvin Scott, VP of People and Culture, Camillo Companies 

UKG helps us build a great place to work by making it simple. The company takes the extra steps out of what can be a difficult experience for some individuals who may not be as technologically inclined as others. UKG technology is easy to use and that’s one of our focuses as well—to make the culture easy for our people and give our employees a baseline to be great in everything they do.  

Jane: In the past, technology alone may have been enough to help organizations meet their business objectives but that’s no longer the case. It’s increasingly important to have the right partners on board to provide the full spectrum of support and services for their short- and long-term business AND people goals. Why is UKG the right partner for you? 

Samantha Garvie, HR Director, Rowleys Wholesale 

Our organization continues to grow and UKG is the right partner and right solution for us because it gives us everything we need to succeed. On the one hand, as UKG continues to build out its AI, it allows our organization to be at the forefront of what’s happening in the industry. On the other hand, UKG’s commitment to putting culture first helps drive our commitment to our people because we have a business partner that shares the same goals. Having that support system as well as the tools and information needed to succeed makes it that much easier to drive our culture forward. 


"UKG’s commitment to putting culture first helps drive our commitment to our people because we have a business partner that shares the same goals."

Samantha Garvie

HR Director, Rowleys Wholesale

Jim Abbatemarco, VP of Retail Operations, The Vitamin Shoppe 

As we look to hire and continue to train and develop our teams—who we call Health Enthusiasts—UKG is there in partnership with The Vitamin Shoppe, giving our people and our stores the tools to make sure our frontline associates are in the right place at the right time, and also empowering them to make sure they have the best possible work-life balance. UKG helps us do that by giving them access to information at their fingertips. Yes, we have a business to run, and yes, we have to make sure that we're servicing our customers, but it is in partnership with UKG as well as our Health Enthusiasts that we are able to accomplish that goal. 

Mario Brown 

My favorite thing about UKG is the people we work with. They are just fantastic. I've had wonderful experiences, and I appreciate the people being attentive, resourceful, and always kind—even when issues pop up that need to be resolved. That is encouraging to me and my organization and is a big reason why we have been a UKG client for more than 20 years. Also, UKG doesn’t have to tell me that our values align. I see it every time we interact. I see it in the community work, I see it when I attend UKG conferences, and I see it in how UKG treats people. So, for me, that is gold and is not something that money can buy. 

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