Careers - Featured Office Locations

Careers - Featured Office Locations

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We have more than 15,000 employees across the globe. Read on to learn about some of the featured office locations where they work.

Lowell, Massachusetts

Lowell is one of our two dual headquarters, alongside Weston, FL. UKG has more than 1,400 U Krewers in and around Lowell, and many work in the areas of engineering, customer success, marketing, HR, and finance.

“UKG is truly a dream company to work for. They follow through on their promises, we all care for each other, and the executives truly care about us. They are constantly adding meaningful and impactful benefits and always taking suggestions.”

Business Systems Analyst | Lowell, MA, USA

Weston, Florida
Weston, Florida

Weston is one of our two dual headquarters, alongside Lowell, MA. UKG has more than 1,300 U Krewers in and around Weston, and many work in the areas of engineering, customer success, IT, and finance.

“Great work environment, with great benefits and great management. Work-life balance is awesome, and your superiors are really understanding. I highly recommend it.”

Operations Specialist | Weston, FL, USA

Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is home to our Indianapolis Tech Center, our hub for recruiting, developing, and placing top tech talent within our organization. We also offer an extensive 8-12 week technical onboarding program for entry-level consultants and project managers.

“Incredible benefits! Absolutely unparalleled resources and support. Strong culture that values and encourages diversity.”

Solution Consultant | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, Georgia

UKG has 300 U Krewers across Atlanta, and many work in the areas of customer success, employer services and engineering.

“UKG is focused on the employee experience. This is the best company I have ever worked for! I never plan on leaving.”

Senior Payroll Specialist | Alpharetta, GA, USA

Montreal, CA
Montreal, Canada

We are proud to have been named one of Canada’s Best Workplaces in 2021 by Great Place to Work. We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a great place to work, while also growing our footprint in Montreal. UKG has almost 200 U Krewers in Montreal, and many work in the areas of engineering and product.

“Definitely has been the happiest and most engaged workforce that I've been part of.”

Account Executive | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mexico City, Mexico

We are proud to have earned the #1 ranking on Mexico’s Best Workplaces in Technology list for the second consecutive year. UKG has 45 employees in Mexico, and many work in sales and global delivery services.

“I feel extremely happy and grateful for all of the U Krewers in Mexico who have created this amazing work culture. Our behaviors such as collaboration, empathy, and agility have shaped our award-winning culture."

Vice President and General Manager | LATAM

Group of people
Montevideo, Uruguay

UKG landed in Uruguay in 2021 and since then, we’ve been making headlines. UKG was mentioned by Forbes for our growth and people first culture, and by El Pais for our plans to quadruple our workforce, particularly in our Technology and Innovation Center.

Today, UKG has almost 100 employees in Uruguay, with many working in engineering and product. "UKG is committed to the development of the local workforce, and we believe that our presence in Uruguay can help drive growth and innovation in the region," said UKG Uruguay Director, Chiara Toscani.

“Great communication with upper management, great leadership, good place to grow professionally, inclusive environment.”

Engineering Lead | Montevideo, Uruguay

Paris, France
Paris, France

UKG has more than 300 employees in France, as a result of the 2018 acquisition of PeopleDoc, and many work in the areas of customer success, engineering, and sales.

“I’ve been loving experiencing in my daily work what is UKG: such a big company, [with] nonstop growing, which values their customers and employees.”

Senior IT Support Specialist | Paris, France

Bracknell, U.K.
Bracknell, U.K.

UKG has 275 employees in the U.K., and many work in the areas of customer success, global delivery services, and sales.

“Fantastic, diverse and collaborative people.”

Project Manager | London, England

Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany

UKG has more than 60 employees in Germany, and many work in the areas of customer success, sales, and marketing.

“Nice atmosphere, nice coworkers, very good work/life balance, laid-back culture.”

Software Developer | Berlin, Germany

Zellik, Belgium

UKG has 35 employees in Belgium, and many work in the areas of customer success, sales, and global delivery services.

“It’s a demanding environment but with loads of possibilities and development and a company with a fantastic CEO.”

EMEA Marketing Program Manager | Brussels, Belgium

Varna, Bulgaria

UKG has almost 250 U Krewers in Varna, Bulgaria, with many of those employees working on product and development using the latest technologies. Many of those employees came to UKG via an acquisition of Immedis, a global payroll platform that supports the complete end-to-end payroll cycle and provides advanced reporting and real-time analytics.

“Overcoming the ongoing challenges of global payment and multi-country compliance has been the driving force behind our work at Immedis. Now, as UKG One View, we are excited to help further redefine the entire multi-country payroll market. I am incredibly proud of our team, and I look forward to our future work where both innovation and people take center stage.”

Richard Limpkin, vice president of multi-country payroll solutions at UKG

Noida, India
Noida, India

We are proud to have been named one of India’s Top 50 Best Companies to Work For and a Best Workplace for Women in India. UKG has 2,000 U Krewers in and around Noida, and many work in the areas of engineering, customer success, and finance.

“The culture is great and a lot of focus is given on appreciating employees and their families, and the best part is that this comes from the CEO Aron directly.”

Director | Noida, India

Sydney, Australia
Australia and New Zealand

We are proud to have earned the #7 ranking on Australia’s Best Workplaces list by Great Place to Work. UKG has more than 250 U Krewers across Australia and New Zealand, serving 3.5 million users of UKG solutions in the region. Many employees in Australia and New Zealand work in the areas of global delivery services, customer success, and sales.

“There is an underlying feeling of people working together as a true collective and being well-respected regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.”

Anonymous U Krewer | Australia


UKG has more than 35 U Krewers in Singapore, and many work in global security.

“It has been autonomous and greatly a People First culture. CEO is highly rated, and colleagues have been awesome.”

Cloud Engineer | Singapore

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