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The UKG Data Playbook
Discover how giving the right people the right information at the right time can improve your organization’s culture and inspire effective decision making at every level.
Analytics supports your people and improves your business by processing more than just data. It helps you learn preferences and delivers advice so you can think ahead and make meaningful decisions.
Why UKG for Analytics?

Put people at the center of your business strategy and help them navigate the complexities of life and work with timely, trusted insights.


Identify key desires, aspirations, and development opportunities to put your people at the center of business growth, help them feel heard, and personalize their paths to success.

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Anticipate needs across the business and reduce complexity with the right information, advice, and next steps proactively delivered at the right times to foster confident decisions.

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Process any volume of data and detect important patterns to find opportunities for meaningful change and sustainable growth to build consistency, efficiency, and autonomy.

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Find the right solution to unlock happier outcomes

Our award-winning solutions deliver technology experiences that support the ways life and work are interconnected — to deliver better outcomes for your people and your business.

Customer Stories

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“If we push out a task, it’s fantastic to see on a dashboard how much they’ve done..."

City Beach leveraged UKG Pro Workforce Management to improve visibility into task completion and increase employee accountability across 65 stores.

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“UKG reporting has made our lives much easier because data is so accessible.”

KIPP SoCal Public Schools tap UKG Ready to automate HR processes, build engagement, accurately track employee time, and streamline KIPP Foundation reporting.

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Q3 2023 Constellation Shortlist

Review the Q3 2023 Constellation ShortList™ to learn why UKG was chosen for its workforce management solutions—and the criteria it met to make the list.

Competing in an Era of Choice eBook
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Competing in an Era of Choice

See how HR solutions and technologies can help organizations attract the right candidates, develop and retain top talent, and better engage employees.

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Learn how our HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions help you achieve a better work experience for all your people.

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