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There are some places on earth that you just need to see to believe, and these are bucket-list destinations, for sure.
The world is a very big place with someplace always to discover and always something new to learn. It seems impossible for a person to discover the whole world in just their lifetime but that doesn’t stop many from trying! There are so many breathtaking places to visit, some strange, beautiful, crazy, confusing, and extraordinary places. Many people have a bucket list and this means things they want to do in life so for people that have no idea what to put on their bucket list here are some suggestions below.
Machu Picchu is the most well-known spot in Peru. The beautiful views of the stunning mountains surrounding it are definitely worth it and can be seen from lodges or rooms when staying there. The city was abandoned after becoming a building site for the Inca Empires city. The Spanish invaders never found it and nature took over before an explorer discovered the city in 1911. The city was hard to access and only available by foot or train and was protected by mountains. It is now one of the seven wonders of the world. It is believed that sacrifices and burial rituals went on here and more than 100 skeletons have been found here.
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Turkey is home to a singularly beautiful infinity pool, with snow-white hot springs, which not many people know about. Nevertheless, Pamukkale still has 2 million tourists a year. At the top of this beautiful place is another astonishing attraction which is the ruins of the ancient Roman spa city called Hierapolis. Pamukkale translates to ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish and when tourists visit here they will understand exactly why. Pamukkale has lots of white pools huddled into the hillside but no one understands how this place was created. Opening times are 6 am to midnight so there is plenty of time to explore the place.
Northern lights are very popular and stunning and are one of the top options on a travel bucket list for many people. The sun lets off charged particles that interact between Earth’s magnetic field causing astonishing bright lights that charge through the night sky with all different colors including purples, greens, pinks, and yellows. There is no traditional season to see these lights as they are always there and can never be missed, this is something that always happens in Earth’s atmosphere. The best places to spot these lights are Iceland, Alaska, Norway, and Northern Canada.
The Dead Sea, which is in Israel and is open to the public and is quite a different experience. It is the lowest place on the Earth, going below sea level and it is also nearly 10 times saltier than the ocean, because of this, tourists will float when getting in. Not only that but tourists also enjoy visiting here for the healing waters and no sunburn because of the air being rich in oxygen! Tourists can spot rare animals here and many historical sites.
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Iceland is one of the most popular tourists attractions and this is because it is very naturally stunning and it is known as the land of fire and ice. Here, tourists will get to admire mountains, ice fields, snow-covered volcanoes, and the famous blue lagoon. The most exciting thing about the volcanoes here is tourists can even go inside the magma chamber. Iceland was actually the last place to be settled by humans and when here tourists should make sure they wear thermals no matter what the season is.
This is a big building made by Roman engineers and where 50,000 people sat to watch the gladiator fights below them. The underground of the Colosseum was once where the animals were kept and the gladiators prepared for their competition, this has now been opened to the public. An earthquake damaged the Colosseum in 1349 and most of the south part collapsed. Instead of rebuilding, the stone was used for hospitals and churches.
Many years ago in Venice, any resident that wanted to be of note had to have their own palace facing the Grand Canal and now there are palaces facing the canal at each side all the way along, and it’s a very popular tourists attraction. The city is known as a floating city in water and people get around here by boat. Tourists can explore the whole length of the canal here by boat. A motorboat tour is quite popular, there will be a guide who will point out all the palaces and even take the boat close to them for even better views.
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Tourists come here, especially to scuba dive and go snorkeling and when down there there are peaceful clicking sounds of reef life. The water is a beautiful clear blue, diffused with the brightest colors of sea life. There are seven species of turtle in the world and six of them can be found here. Hatching season is January to March and this is when tourists will spot turtles heading down to the beach after hatching which is a heartwarming sight.
This extremely long wall is very iconic and is another one of the seven wonders of the world. The wall is just over 21 kilometers long and was built to protect and defend from foreign invaders. The wall goes all the way along the northern borders of China and was built over 1,500 years ago. Tourists will also be able to stay here in the local hotels and eat at restaurants to really make the most of their visit.
This waterfall is a very holy place and it is believed that on a palm tree nearby Virgin Mary appeared, so a man who was very worried about the cultural beliefs chopped it down but the area became sacred. In 2010 there was an earthquake, and since then, even more tourists have been visiting and trying to ask the Virgin Mary for her blessings. Sick and poor people do rituals here with the water running on them which last three days.
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