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There’s no defined way to make the most of your travel time, but there are things you can do to make it count. Travelling does not have to be boring.   
Are you clueless about what to do while travelling? Or you’re tired of observing your usual travel routine. The usual routine of staring into space for a while, looking at the person sitting next to you; looking into your phone, then you try to catch some pretty uncomfortable but needed sleep; you wake up to see how far into the journey you are; and do any random thing to keep yourself busy.  
There are things you can do to while away time while travelling  
Do you have a book that you’ve been meaning to start reading or that one that you promised to continue reading later. You could use your travel time to tick that off your list.   
Reading a book while travelling could be a great way to distract yourself from the boring tendencies of the journey.   
You get to read a book that you’ve been meaning to read, and value would be added in a way. How? You get to tick that off your list and move on to something else at a later time.   
While travelling, you could read blog posts and articles that you’ve been putting off until later. You remember those articles that you downloaded or bookmarked to read at a later date. Exactly! Those ones. Read them while travelling. That way, one thing is crossed off the many tasks you have to do.   
You could whirl away time while being on social media by catching up on the latest news or gist that’s trending. You could also follow up on the posts of your favourites on social media.   
It’s also a good time to go back to engaging bookmarked posts and engage them. You could post randomly too if it’s been a while since you posted on social media and you’d love to.  
You could vlog your journey from beginning to end. Take videos and pictures of the journey at intervals. You could capture moments that cover what you are doing, your views about certain things that you encountered while travelling. Your vlog could also feature the people you are travelling with, the reaction of the driver to certain issues along the ride, the food you stopped to buy, or the restaurant you made a stop at to eat.   

You could vlog something funny that happened while you were setting out to travel. You could also give a hint of your expectations from the journey before it starts and make a comparison when it ends.   
This is an easy way to get over the boring tendency of the journey. You could catch up on that movie that you collected from your friend the other day, or the ones you collected from your neighbour just before you travelled.   
You could also download movies of your choice to watch while travelling. If you want, you could binge on a series that you’ve watched before and would like to watch over again. This helps to keep you busy throughout the journey.   
We all have that friend that we could talk to for hours as long as he or she is willing to. Being on a long call with your friend could keep you occupied while traveling.   
However, if you are on a public means of transportation, you might not want to adopt this method to enjoy your travels. There are other passengers with you that probably would not like to be disturbed.   
And if you don’t like attention, this is a no-go area.  
You could catch up on videos on your phone,  YouTube, and other platforms that you’d like to engage. You could listen to podcast episodes that you enjoy.    
You could plug your ears and run through your playlist. This would help calm you down and help you enjoy the ride. Another thing it does is help engage your thoughts in the direction of the songs.   
If there’s a co-passenger that you find intriguing, you could start a conversation with them. This will keep you hooked without being in a haste, and help you enjoy your travel time.   
It’s a plus when you enjoy the person’s sense of humour.   
You could practice mindfulness while looking at the many trees, the sky, and any other thing that has to do with nature while travelling.  
Mindfulness helps you to consciously think about the present rather than the past.    
Conclusively, there are several things you can do while traveling. Remember, you call the shots.   

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