2B3D Issues Labor Day Message of Love and Support, Offers Reminder to Keep Mental Health Top of Mind – Yahoo Finance

It is important to remember that holidays can be a triggering point for many, but mental health resources are available for everyone, including those with PTSD and substance use disorder
Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — 2B3D, a military veteran-operated mental health technology solutions firm specializing in VR, Gaming, NFTs, developing metaverse solutions for PTSD and addiction treatment, wishes to send a message of both love and mindfulness ahead of Labor Day Weekend.
For many, the holiday marks a welcome occasion to come together and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of American workers to our vibrant culture and our economy. But it’s important to remember that for others, the holidays can be particularly challenging – if not debilitating or even fatal – for those suffering from PTSD, addiction, and other mental health conditions.
Robert Bell, CEO and founder of 2B3D said, “For lots of folks, Labor Day means barbecues, family reunions and last-minute fun in the sun before regrouping for the hustle of Autumn, and that’s a wonderful thing. But being good stewards of our entire community means we must also strive to remain equally mindful of the fact that holidays like Labor Day can prompt a variety of mental health crises, such as substance use relapses, PTSD symptoms, feelings of isolation, depression, and suicidal ideation. Our company not only wishes much-earned fun, family times, and rest and relaxation to those we serve and all people everywhere – we also want to send a direct shoutout of support to those that have the hardest of times when others are at play and celebration. We love you, we see you, we’re here for you, you matter greatly, and there is help available for you right now.”
Bell and the 2B3D team are currently working on preventing veteran suicide through the development of the first always-online virtual reality medical environment (VRME) through partnerships with Bell Medical Solutions and BioCoRx.
Chief Strategy Officer of 2B3D, Retired Army Colonel Mark Schonberg, coordinates virtual reality development (VRx) and telemedicine at the firm. Schonberg offered, “Veterans are as vital as any part of the American labor force, and potentially more vulnerable than others to suicidal ideation during the holidays. Often enough, holidays like Labor Day – with its crowds and fireworks – can be especially triggering for veterans. I would encourage any veteran suffering from PTSD, substance use disorders, or who might be thinking about suicide to take advantage of the resources available.”
Help is available right now through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Good resources include calling or texting “988”, or direct messaging at These free services are available nationwide to everyone, whether they are personally in crisis or need to help someone who is.
For more information about 2B3D’s mental health and virtual reality medical environments, contact 2B3D@PhillComm.Global.
About 2B3D
Virtual reality succeeds where video conference calls fail. In 2B3D’s metaverse, military veterans will be able to reach out to mental health professionals using a customized avatar for more personalized online interactions. 2B3D is developing VRx to be more than just a portal to access VR therapy. This is where veterans can rally, regroup, play games, and spend time with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world.
About Robert Bell
Robert Bell is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who founded 2B3D Inc. in 2020 as an all-in-one gaming studio, non-fungible token mint, auction house, and storage system. Bell’s mission is to push the bounds of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies as a way to help military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Bell’s mission to bring peace and healing to veterans is fueled by play-to-earn games, utility NFTs, and exclusive in-game cryptocurrency within a wider decentralized metaverse. Bell is also the founder and CEO of Bell Medical solutions.
About Mark Schonberg
Colonel (Retired) Mark R. Schonberg (U.S. Army retired) is currently serving as the Chief of Staff and Chief Strategy Officer of 2B3D, Inc. (, where he coordinates the C-Staff on all company verticals and support functions, specifically the virtual reality development and telemedicine. His Army career highlights include serving as the U.S. Army’s Cyber Capabilities Development and Integration Director (CDID), the Army Cyber Command’s Deputy Chief-of-Staff and Chief Information Officer/G6, the ISAF CJ6 Operations and Plans Chief in Afghanistan, and the United States Forces, Korea, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) Joint Working Group Co-Chairman and the Director of Task Force Mercury in charge of the C4I build-out in support of the $16 Billion Yongsan Relocation Program. His last assignment was as the U.S. Africa Command’s J63 – Plans and Operations Director in charge of all defensive cyber security operations and network services across Africa and Southern Europe.
Jon Lindsay Phillips

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When is Labor Day? Find out when you should celebrate, plus fascinating details about the history and meaning behind the federal holiday.
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Police released an affidavit in the arrest of a man in Eliza Fletcher's disappearance. Here's what we know


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