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The best luxury hotels around the globe to help you find inner peace.
Amankora Bhutan
Amankora has been a part of the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan for over two decades and was the first resort in the country. La- belled “one of the happiest places in the world”, this five-star sanctuary, with five different lodges located over five different valleys, is dedicated to enhancing the soul and spirit of all guests. With a particular focus on health and wellbeing, guests can immerse themselves in the mountainous surroundings of Bhutan and the true spirit of the country. In particular, the resort runs a dedicated wellness programme with a focus on yoga and meditation. Monks from Bhutan’s local monasteries regularly visit Amankora to lead meditations, sharing their wisdom and teachings with guests.
Taking a 360-degree approach to health and wellbeing, the Waldhotel Health & Medical Excellence has been a leader in the space for 150 years. Nestled in the mountains of Switzerland, this five-star retreat helps guests truly heal and relax through their diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services. The location itself helps guests forget the mundane stresses of every- day life, but the experts on-site are there to help and guide individuals on a path to self-healing and self-discovery.
Revivo Bali
Located in the lush surroundings of Bali, Indonesia, REVIVO Wellness Resort is an all-encompassing sanctuary where true change can take place. De- rived from the Latin language, the literal meaning of the resort’s name is “I’ll live again”. En- couraging guests to embark on a transformational change, REVI- VO has a multitude of signature retreats available helping you target anything from an immune reset to sleep help to mindfulness and emotional balance. In particular, the Mindfulness and Emotional Balance Retreat aims to help you reset and restart the inner workings of your mind, in turn, aiding you on the path to in- ner peace. With just 16 luxurious Balinese-style suites on the property, this oasis, which is set across three hectares of teak tree forest, is the perfect place to truly retune your mind.
This luxury health retreat located in the lush bush of Queensland, Australia is the ultimate wellness destination aiming to help people live a healthier life and soothe the soul. Set on over 200 hectares of land in Tallebudgera Valley, at the core of the retreat’s philosophy is to support guests by re-evaluating lifestyle hab- its which don’t reflect optimum wellness and energy values. In the calm setting of the retreat, there is an array of accommodations to suit everyone’s needs from villas with private pools to rooms dedicated to meditation. The resort also offers an extensive range of retreat programmes ranging from one day to seven days targeting all areas of wellness.
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Ojo Santa Fe Resort encourages guests to reconnect with nature in its lush setting on a 77-acre plot in Northern New Mexico, USA. Considered a true refuge to reset and recharge your mind, body and soul, where they bring guests together as a community to partake in a bevvy of invigorating activities from yoga to guided tours to fitness classes to a play session with adoptable puppies. The resort also specializes in the “art of soaking” which is considered a natural exchange of energy between the individual and water which, in turn, connects us with nature.
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