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Marketing is vital for every company, but above all for startups. While starting a new business, you have to attract the attention of potential buyers to your product or service. But marketing is expensive and if you are launching a startup, then surely your advertising budget is severely limited.
The good news is that you still will not have to rob a bank: the best marketing ideas are often simple and inexpensive. However, they require a creative approach and careful planning.
Creating a brand is a continuous process, so tune in to creativity. Though the majority of the most successful startups are related to fintech or IT areas, who knows maybe you will be the first to create a unicorn company dedicated to breeding cats of Maine coon size or something just as unique. So let’s start.
Nothing attracts buyers more than the reputation of a professional in the field. At the same time, it is difficult for a client to trust an unknown startup without a track record.
How to fix it? In social networks, you can directly contact major brands and companies and build relationships with them: interact with their content, communicate with authors and attract attention to your startup. If your company is mentioned in a major publication, you will expand your reach, attract traffic to your site and your sales will grow.
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Another way to build a reputation is by partnering with other brands. An example of such a successful partnership is GoPro and Red Bull. For both companies, one of the central values is the disclosure of the potential of each person, and together they have developed many projects. Of course, not everyone can cooperate with such giants, but you can conduct research and find a strategic partner with which to increase the visibility of your brand and create a reputation.
It is part of human nature: we want what we do not have. Using the beta version during the startup launch for new users will let you generate an impression of uniqueness for your goods and get a certain number of subscribers who will wish to be the first to test your product.
One way to create exclusivity is to provide users with early access to the beta version of their website or application. If you do not want to give access to everyone at once, offer it to influencers or opinion leaders who will tell you about you.
Customers need to know about your product to buy it. People see that their friends buy this product and repeat after them, but it is impossible to imitate those whom you do not see. You need to make your product visible. That’s why Apple puts its logo on every iPhone and Mac: every time someone opens their Macbook in a cafe, everyone sees the Apple logo, and the company gets free advertising.
There are many ways to increase visibility. One of the simplest and most budget-friendly ideas is to distribute stickers. Long before the Internet, people passed them on windows, bumpers, bottles, and so on. Stickers with your logo, website address, and company name will help you to declare yourself. Distribute them in public places where your target audience will see them.
Today, every marketer dreams of viral advertising of their product. But when your content goes viral, its connection with your brand may be interrupted. To avoid it, make content that is closely related to your brand.
For example, if you have a small coffee company, conduct a survey on your page about whether coffee is healthy, and then in this endless dispute, users will address you as a coffee connoisseur. It is also an excellent method to improve engagement.
It may seem that email marketing is outdated, but in fact, the right message sent to the right buyer is still effective. To use this marketing tool, collect the email addresses of potential buyers. If your startup has its website, place a newsletter subscription form there or create a landing page and ask visitors to leave an address. But if you plan to send only one advertisement, it is better not to even start: subscribers will quickly unsubscribe from it. It is better to diversify your emails with non-commercial content, such as blog posts, instructional videos, or infographics.
The best advertising is the recommendations of satisfied customers. People are social animals: we like to share our news and discoveries, and if we have had a good experience, we will tell our friends about it. In the era of social networks, word of mouth rules the ball. In other words, you need a referral program.
Sources can be potential, existing, and past buyers, industry leaders, influencers, etc. Make a list of possible sources, contact them, and give them a reason to recommend you.
This way is as old as the world, and businesses continue to use it. Gifts do not have to cost a fortune. With each purchase, you can give customers something simple, such as a T-shirt. Contests can be held on social networks or your website — this will also attract traffic to you and you will be able to show your products and services to potential buyers.
Do not forget to intrigue the participants. Imagine, customers come to your site, and to find out what prize you will give them today, they need to click on the landing page. This is an excellent way to arouse curiosity and increase engagement.
If you are going to develop your startup, you must begin employing innovative marketing. Instead of increasing expenditure on traditional marketing, campaigns, and digital media, think about how to go beyond the mundane and achieve good results.
Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.
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