A soulful identity for furniture brand Symbol – Creative Review

The music furniture brand has been given a new identity that blends mid-century modern aesthetics with warm touches
Symbol is a hi-fi storage brand that creates home listening setups, specialist furniture and other storage solutions geared towards vinyl lovers.
The brand’s mid-century modern design ethos has been carried over into the new visual identity created by Danny Miller’s NYC-based creative studio High Tide, fresh from launching another period-inspired project for appliance manufacturer Airsign.
Although Symbol is looking to expand into other product categories in furniture design, the brand’s new visual identity cements its links to the music space.
The new logo resembles a turntable contained within an ‘S’ shape, which is formed from a skewed oblong as revealed in the animated executions. The geometric design neatly captures Symbol’s modular design philosophy.
“We worked on figuring out how to bring the warmth, depth and personality of the product into the brand to be the truest representation of itself,” said Miller. “Even as they were expanding into other types of furniture, a key consideration was also that they wanted the brand to still feel rooted in music. We wanted to present Symbol as a brand that enhances and inspires people’s lives with materials and objects that add emotional value.“
According to the studio, the 50s, 60s and 70s provided rich inspiration for the new identity, though it was important not to rely too heavily on the aesthetics of one specific era. The palette of burnt orange and mustards scream mid-century soul, while the angular wordmark nods to late 20th-century futurism.
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