All you need to know about travelling in and out of Qatar during the World Cup – Doha News

After purchasing a ticket, supporters must apply for the required Hayya card, which serves as a ‘fan ID’ and entitles them to a variety of benefits.
Starting the beginning of November, entrance into Qatar will be restricted to only those who carry the Hayya card, a top official confirmed to local Al-Kass TV.
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“During the World Cup period, starting from the beginning of the month, the Haya card will be a prerequisite for entering the country, and one of the most important conditions for applying to it is obtaining a ticket for the World Cup matches,” Saeed Al-Kuwari, Executive Director of the Hayya platform at the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy said in interview.
Hayya card holders will be allowed to remain in Qatar until 23 Jan 2023 and can enter and exit the country with this throughout the duration of the tournament.
The official noted the Hayya card is valid for residency within the State of Qatar for the duration of the tournament, even if the visitor has a single match ticket, provided that housing is available.
However, this rule does not apply to citizens and residents of Qatar, who will be able to freely enter and exit the country throughout the tournament with no issues, as usual.
After purchasing a ticket, supporters must apply for the required Hayya card, which serves as a ‘fan ID’ and entitles them to a variety of benefits, including free public transit on match days.
The measure is likely to prevent a recurrence of the disturbance seen during the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom in July 2021, when an independent study commissioned by the Football Association highlighted a substantial number of ticketless spectators as an ‘indicating’ factor.
Last summer’s event in the UK was seen as “near miss” of fatalities and a “source of national shame,” the Football Association found.

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