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Apecoin (APE), Sanzooz Finance (SZFT), and Hedera (HBAR) Could Deliver 10X Returns – Deccan Herald


ApeCoin (APE) registered one of the biggest price spikes soon after listing and has cemented its position as a leading cryptocurrency while Hedera (HBAR) is known for its interoperability and vibrant ecosystem hosting many dApps. 
However, a new project, Sanzooz Finance (SZFT) targets the artificial assets space and will allow the minting and trading of tokenized versions of popular assets on its native exchange. Here’s why we think Sanzooz Finance could deliver even bigger gains than Apecoin or Hedera.
ApeCoin plans migration to Avalanche or Flow 
After a disastrous NFT launch on Ethereum that resulted in participants paying huge gas fees, ApeCoin is now considering plans to shift to Avalanche or Flow blockchain networks. The news, if true, could result in a potential upside for the APE Token as it could help users in trading at lower costs. 
However, since the ApeCoin is governed by a DAO, any such decision would require a majority vote approval by holders of the coin. The ApeCoin will soon launch a metaverse known as “The Otherside” and will need a blockchain that can offer high speed with low fees.
Hedera announces partnership with fashion blockchain provider, Mioo Tech
Hedera network has announced an official partnership with Mioo Tech, a company that helps scale blockchain technology in the fashion sector. It will allow greater adoption of the HBAR Token. NFTs created on the Hedera network will be used to identify and trace a garment’s history. Users will be able to sell but also reproduce digital twins of their garments. It will serve as proof of authenticity and origin. The announcement was made via a tweet, “We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with @MiooTech, a company that provides blockchain solutions to the fashion industry.” The partnership will help in broadening the utility of the HBAR Token in the world of fashion. The counterfeit problem has been a constant issue in the garment sector and Hedera along with Mioo could solve this issue. 
Trade artificial assets and earn attractive rewards with Sanzooz Finance 
The Sanzooz Finance exchange will help users in trading artificial assets easily. It will allow holders to mint artificial assets by providing the native SZFT Token as collateral. It could open a world of possibilities for users interested in the DeFi space. 
The Sanzooz exchange will also allow users to trade futures and options. The derivatives market represents a huge opportunity and the SZFT Token could benefit since it will be used inside the ecosystem for paying network fees as well as for staking and collateral purposes.  
Artificial assets allow users to trade any asset without actually purchasing it. They represent tokenized or artificial versions of the original asset. To make the process simpler, the SZFT Token will be used as collateral. Since it will be used not only for collateral purposes but also for staking and earning a share of the trading fees, it becomes a good potential bet for the future. Tokens with use cases tend to perform well and since SZFT Token is tied to its native exchange, it could potentially witness a massive price spike in the future. 
The SZFT token will be offered through a presale and you can accumulate huge quantities to benefit in the long term future. Sanzooz Finance has a special use case and you can learn about it from the links given below. 
Always remember to carry out your own research before buying any cryptocurrency as they are susceptible to market rumours. Withdraw regular profits and reinvest a portion to diversify your portfolio. Huge gains are usually generated in the long term and seasoned investors should learn to neglect short-term price volatility. Add Sanzooz Finance (SZFT), Hedera (HBAR), and ApeCoin (APE) to potentially generate huge returns in the future. 
Learn more about Sanzooz Finance:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sanzooz_token

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