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Trips and falls can be life-changing for seniors, disabled people, or those living with chronic conditions. That's why medical alert systems that have fall detection can prove to be invaluable. They support independent living while providing reassurance that help is available should it be required.
“Monitoring devices that can detect falls are very useful for patients that have balance, vision, and strength issues,” explains Dr. Janice Johnston, MD, chief medical officer and co-founder of Redirect Health. “Once a fall happens, patients may lack the ability to stand up or retrieve a phone to call for help. These monitoring devices can detect a fall by recognizing abrupt changes in body movements and will automatically notify emergency monitoring centers.” Once an agent has connected with a medical alert user, the two parties can decide what kind of emergency response, if any, is appropriate. If the user does not respond because they cannot speak or are unconscious, agents at most monitoring centers will err on the side of caution and notify emergency services immediately.
These medical alert systems often include wearable devices—such as lanyards, smartwatches, and necklaces—and include a base unit that communicates with a help center if a fall is detected. Here are the best medical alert systems with fall detection to offer peace of mind and connect you with the right services if you or a loved one are concerned about medical emergencies.
Medical Guardian offers both in-home and on-the-go systems to keep you or your family member safe whether running errands, getting some exercise, or having a nice day in. With fall detection offered as an add-on for almost all their devices, this system allows users to mix and match products to their unique needs.
With an easy setup process and a large range of different wearables—including wristbands, pendants, smartwatches, and clip-ons—a Medical Guardian system can be customized to the needs of many different users.
With a variety of devices with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and/or GPS connectivity, and up to an impressive five-day battery life, including a backup battery for up to 32 hours, this device won’t let you down. Medical Guardian also has an impressive range of 1,400 feet—the greatest range of any device we reviewed.
If you feel self-conscious about wearing a medical device, Medical Guardian’s Limitless Icons Collection may be a great choice. These wearable fall detection devices, designed to look like jewelry, come in four attractive styles and can be added to any Home or Mobile Guardian subscription.
This company also offers the option to quickly connect you with emergency services or the family/friends you add to your Care Circle.
Medical Guardian offers the following devices:
Add-ons include:
Fall Detection: $10 per month, available for the pendant
The included one-year warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, but not normal wear and tear or accidents.

Bay Alarm Medical has been in business for over 70 years and its devices’ clear, two-way speakers offer budget-friendly peace of mind during emergencies.
This system has a large “help” sticker showing the emergency button and quick setup for ease of use. You can wear it around the wrist, on the waistband for more discreet wear, on a lanyard, or as a clip-on or smartwatch.
It’s also easy to move the system to another house if you are going on vacation or staying with family or friends: Simply unplug it and plug it back in at your new location. With no start-up costs and low monthly monitoring fees of just $19.95, Bay Alarm Medical offers a low-cost medical alert system.
Lifestation offers a comprehensive yet budget-friendly system complete with Alexa compatibility. You can use your voice to test the system, check on recent alerts, or see the location of a loved one using the mobile service.
Featuring fall detection for an additional $10 per month, this medical alert system is compatible with Alexa and Amazon Echo devices.The optional smartwatch device allows you to count your steps with an included pedometer, access weather forecasts, and a check your heart rate with a handy monitor. Choose from the smartwatch, necklace pendant, or wristband. With easy setup and 24/7 monitoring available, you’ll feel in safe hands.
An additional add-on service includes the option to get help with technical troubleshooting, medical appointments, and even grocery shopping. Additional accessories such as lockboxes and wall buttons are available for purchase.
Call (855) 256-3282 to order.

Some people prefer not to wear their medical alert device for a range of reasons. They might not like the look of a wearable device, find it uncomfortable, or feel it could impede their movement or other assistive devices. That’s why we like GetSafe. It provides voice-activated wall-mounted systems and pull-buttons, in addition to wearable devices.
Getsafe offers the best non-wearable device with pull cords or wall buttons where users can simply say “Call 9-1-1” and the voice-activated system will quickly answer, assess the problem, and send help. Multiple people can use the same system, making it ideal for couples or families with complex needs. You can expect to get help from the call center within 25 seconds of pushing the button, and there are no penalties for a false alarm.
Targeted specifically toward seniors, this medical alert system with fall detection has excellent features to help caregivers, including alerts, that let you know if the user is moving around their home. The base station is voice activated and also monitors air quality and temperature.
This device’s base station can communicate with family without using a phone. When a user presses the button, a push notification is sent to a selected family member, friend, or caregiver to check-in. This is a great feature for seniors who may not have a medical emergency but want to signal that they need more contact with their family or to ask for groceries or prescription pickups.
Users can get help in actual emergencies by simply saying “emergency,” and assisted hearing services are available for those who are hearing impaired. The sensors also allow loved ones to be sure seniors are up and about and moving around their home without intruding on their privacy.
The ADT Medical Alert system offers a range of different products and devices for both inside and outdoors, including many features that help support people with Alzheimer’s. For example, there is optional fall detection for $10 per month, and a temperature monitor that gives caregivers essential information to monitor their loved one’s vital signs and keep them safe.
This company provides options for those who spend most of their time in the home, those who garden and visit with neighbors, and an on-the-go system for people who need peace of mind when on walks or out and about running errands.
Expect super easy setup and a 100% lifetime replacement warranty. Users who experience seizures may find they need to call more often than those who don’t, so the fully trained staff with medical knowledge and backgrounds can provide reassurance, as can the lockbox that allows EMTs to access your home if needed.
Medical Care Alert has stringent policies regarding hiring in its call centers. Every representative answering emergency calls from customers must hold EMT/EMD certification and have a minimum of two years of college education or experience serving in the military. This offers great peace of mind for people who experience seizures.
There are no hidden costs with this device and no extra charge for activation, the device, or installation fees. All devices include a free lockbox to allow emergency services access to the property. Medical Care Alert also includes free spouse monitoring and fall detection for an additional charge of $10 per month.
Unlike other companies’ devices, fall detection is included in Lively’s base price, as is another service that allows users to connect with a board-certified doctor or registered nurse. Those with chronic or complex conditions may find this service helpful to ask questions, get a second opinion, and have prescriptions filled.
Those with chronic conditions have varied needs, so you’ll appreciate the totally mobile nature of this all-in-one medical alert system that doesn’t require a base station and can be taken with you anywhere for help on the road. It’s also available with a lanyard to offer fall detection. The two-way talk function allows you to speak with agents easily and the enhanced GPS means they can quickly and accurately find your location and send help when needed.
We recommend Medical Guardian as the best overall medical alert system with fall detection due to its reliable service, amazing range, and wide range of products that can suit multiple needs. It also has no cancellation fee if you change your mind. We also recommend Medical Care Alert due to its highly trained and knowledgeable call center staff who all have EMT/EMD certification. Lively also ranks high in our review as it offers impressive additional services to connect with doctors and nurses.
Classic Guardian: $29.95/mo. | $29.95/ qtr. | $27.45/yr.
HOME & YARD Medical Care Alert System: $34.95/mo. | $104.85/ qtr. | $209.70/semi-annual | $384.45/annual
Preferred Package: $29.99/mo.
Ultimate Package: $39.99/mo.
Yes. Whether you choose a wearable device that uses sensors to detect falls, a help button on a base system, or use voice-activated technology to speak with a monitoring center, medical alert systems get you the help you need in times of emergencies, which can save lives.
In addition, some systems come with particularly helpful features, such as the ability to speak to medical professionals and receive reminders to take your medicine or track biometrics, such as heart rate or temperature.
You may choose to buy a medical alert system with fall detection for any of these helpful benefits:
When deciding on a medical alert system consider the following features:
Fall detection systems use sensors to monitor movements and alert help if they detect a fall. They are particularly useful for anyone who is unsteady on their feet or for people who would be unable to press the call button in an emergency.
Some companies suggest that lanyards or pendants are more accurate at detecting falls than devices worn around the wrist as we tend to move our arms a lot in general day-to-day activities.
No, medical alert systems can be useful for anyone who is concerned about falling, seizures, or chronic conditions where they may not be able to call for help in a traditional way.
Medical alert systems route to an operator or a pre-selected family member, who can then call emergency services if appropriate.
Some systems can pair with Alexa, Ring, or Apple, enhancing their services. This can also mean that you have fewer devices to program and use and allows family members to check in on users on the services selected.
Many insurance companies and Affordable Care Act plans will not cover medical alert systems. However, some insurance companies will cover the cost if you can prove it is essential. You'll need to have long-term care insurance, but as this varies from policy to policy, you should speak with your provider for more information.
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