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There are so many fast-growing markets that promotional products distributors can take advantage of. Right now, one such market is the beverage industry. From the explosion of microbreweries to the increasing number of distilleries and vineyards, and even locally owned coffee houses, this is one category in which distributors should focus their efforts.
These businesses are on the hunt for T-shirts, headwear, drinkware and more, all printed with logos. But to really elevate their branding campaign, why not also offer something unique, like bandannas? For example, beverage customers will find pet triangles from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line extremely attractive, but that’s just one way to get a foot in the door with these clients. For those distributors looking to capitalize on this sales channel, read on for some marketing ideas.
The beverage industry spends millions of dollars every year in advertising. This isn’t just limited to alcoholic beverage businesses like microbreweries—sports and soft drinks companies as well as coffee houses can also be high spenders.

“Most, if not all, of the up-and-coming new beverage brands are very pet friendly for their patrons and targeted demographic, especially in the case of local microbreweries, distilleries and wineries,” says Scott Thackston, director of marketing and product development at Bandanna Promotions. Rather than only offering traditional T-shirts or hats for new potential customers, be unique and suggest branding a custom bandanna with their logo. One great place to start is by offering pet triangles. It might not seem like it, but pet triangles are a great product for microbreweries, distilleries and wineries. “It’s not just adult beverages [that are looking for these items],” states Thackston. “Pet triangle branding is huge with so many new health and energy drinks, including a massive growth for enhanced water brands for their active audience that bring their dogs for walks and runs or just strolling around town.”
Many of the local beverage businesses have outdoor patios and are pet friendly, so offering to brand some pet triangles for their customers is a no-brainer. Bandanna Promotions offers these in three different sizes, meaning there are options for every pet owner. Triangles are available with an edge-to-edge rotary print, screen print or full-color digital print in a variety of colors, including neon. Take it up a notch and add a pet collar channel to secure it to a pet’s collar.

A brewery, vineyard of coffee house can also use these as giveaways, part of new product launches, in display cases, and even as dealer gifts. Clients can simply have a logo printed or add contact information and new release information, just like they would on T-shirts. The options are virtually endless for these walking billboards.
The best part about selling pet triangles to beverage companies is the sales channels it opens up for promotional products distributors. As mentioned earlier, businesses such as microbreweries, distilleries, vineyards, coffee houses and others need multiple items on a regular basis. “We have found this growing beverage market for our distributor partners is very lucrative, for most of the beverage brands use the pet triangles as large giveaways at events, festivals, concerts, or just in their local area and business,” Thackston says. “But it doesn’t stop there. Along with their branding pet campaign, most of these companies also have a huge following online or at their breweries, etc., for fun branded merch.”

Distributors can really stand out by catering to these customers’ in-store and online merchandise with items like the full-size 22” x 22” bandannas. Bandannas are one of the most versatile textile promotional products in the industry. They make a fashion statement and are functional outdoor accessories. Be unique and suggest branding a custom paisley bandanna with a logo. Or go large to enhance brands with a fashionable logoed fabric billboard: a 22-inch screen or rotary-printed bandana in bright colors.
If a beverage client is looking for something cool, why not offer the full-size 22” x 22” bandanna in a matching design with the triangle? Pet owners will go crazy for this option. For a more upscale option, offer full-color digital looks for their fun beverage brands.
When partnering with Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line, it’s easy to capitalize on all of these options. The company offers four decoration methods to really open things up:

“Most of these smaller to mid-size super regional beverage brands are very creative with their advertising and overall brand look,” states Thackston. “Bandanna Promotions is here help with our four USA in-house printing methods … Not only can we imprint any design layout on our American-made bandannas, but our very talented creative team [that has] many years of experience can mock-up fun creative designs with supplied custom art files that help close any distributor order or get you in the door for a new client opportunity.”

And if that isn’t enough, any of the company’s novelty, flag, tie dyes, etc., 22″ x 22″ bandannas can be cut and sewn into large triangles, truly offering your beverage clients an almost-unlimited number of choices.
“It’s easy and very beneficial to remember for growing sales and tapping into a new industry: Beverage branding goes hand-in-hand with pet triangles and bandannas with a little help from your supplier friends at Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line, a ‘PAW’-fect partnership fit,” finishes Thackston.



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