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FUT 23 will have a new chemistry system upon release
Ultimate Team is EA’s moneymaker, and we expect that to continue into FIFA 23.
With EA’s focus firmly on the popular game mode, there is set to be a redefined chemistry system in the upcoming game.
This has been designed to make it "easier than ever" to build your dream squad in Ultimate Team, so take a look at how it works below.
Without an overall squad chemistry, each player now has a maximum of three chemistry points.
Players may only add chemistry points when played in their preferred position in the starting XI, and they will contribute to others when the same criteria are met.
The chemistry of each individual player is then accounted for by the number of players in the starting XI who share the same league or nation, with the same club adding an extra boost!
Chemistry Points:
EA has included the following in its chemistry deep dive:
The first thing to note about the new positioning structure is that players out of position will NOT receive any chemistry boosts to their attributes.
Players out of position will also not contribute to the threshold of other players in the starting XI either.
However, players played out of position will not see their attributes negatively impacted.
From the outset of FUT 23, every base player will have up to three alternative positions.
Your players’ position can be changed with the new all-in-one position modifier item which has replaced the individual position modifiers.
Each position will also have an automatic alternative position which will count towards one of their three alternatives.
Players featuring in themed position change campaigns can be given new preferred and alternative positions.
There are no Right Forward (RF) or Left Forward (LF) positions in FUT 23.
Any formation that used RF and LF (4-3-2-1 / 3-4-2-1) has now been changed to the Centre Forward (CF) position.
As far as we know, there are no new chemistry styles in FUT 23.
With the new chemistry system, chemistry styles will still boost certain attributes for your players.
EA added the following in their chemistry deep dive:
Squad Building Challenges will still be available in FUT 23, but they will work in a slightly different way.
EA has offered the following information:


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