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I Can’t Believe I Can Make Money Online! | by Mohamad Hakim | Aug, 2022 – DataDrivenInvestor


Aug 10
Continue reading to find out how July was my biggest month yet!
If you have spent significant time on the internet, you will realise that influencers and content creators can make bucketloads of money from their audience.
Through direct sales such as merchandise or Adsense, skilled content creators can leverage the number of eyeballs they have and convert it into cash.
It has always been a dream of mine to build up such a money-making machine. So, you would ask, “what’s stopping you?”
It is not the fear of creating content but rather the fear that my face will be everywhere once I succeed. As a result, many of these influencers sacrifice an inevitable part of their privacy to share their lives online.
Either through vlogs or sponsored posts, these influencers or content creators would have to put a part of their lives online, which can be information that I’d rather keep private.
I have tried many times to be a Youtuber. This Medium blog was the result of one such attempt.
One day, I convinced myself that I could be a Youtuber. Then, possibly, I could spend some 2–3 hours per day writing, recording and posting financial youtube videos.
But, it took such a long time from the start to the end that I could reasonably keep it going.
Faced with life and my other more ‘active’ sources of income, I called it quits.
Just like that, my road to stardom is in the dust.
Or is it?
I still wanted to make money online by sharing finance content. It is something that I am passionate about and would spend hours researching about.
But I have to find a way to make it work. If it is not Youtube, there has to be something else.
I have been on the platform since 2016. I wrote about self-help nonsense and motivational posts partly to keep me going.
I enjoyed writing about my thoughts on this platform, and I found joy in seeing my posts read by 1–5 people daily.
And then, I stopped.
Looking back, I’m not sure why I did.
Fast forward to September 2021, I restarted my writing journey. I figured that if I could not face the camera, the least I could do was to write my ideas in prose.
Slowly but surely, my articles started to pick up. I wrote almost every single day once I reached the office. I thought about ideas for articles throughout the day.
I was obsessed.
Views picked up, and despite the inconsistent payouts, I enjoyed the process very much. I knew what worked and didn’t, but I have yet to break through the algorithm.
It was in June of 2022 that one of my articles went viral.
It was on Ethereum.
In retrospect, it was a controversial article on cryptocurrency. With Ethereum being the darling of many crypto bros, suggesting that the cryptocurrency would implode is almost blasphemous.
Despite being crypto winter and sell-offs are normal, I wrote that article with the conviction that Ethereum could face a larger than normal sell-off.
Of course, with anything viral, there would be some hate. However, would it be wrong to use a title that is clickbait? Well, it is a marketing tactic, and it worked.
I made $392.90 from that article alone. It does not seem much, but it is for internet money!
Not bad for 30 minutes of work.
At the same time, my audience consistently grew to 481 from 385 back in May 2022. I also gained two referred members, which I am truly grateful for.
I believe that this is my calling. Writing has liberated my mind from the shackles of boredom. At the same time, it is my avenue to generate money by creating content.
I will continue writing in time to come, and I cannot wait for my next viral article.
Let’s keep trying to see what hits.
Anyway, I started a Telegram channel to share business and finance news and a splash of current affairs. Do click the link to join. It’s FREE!
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