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I made a $90,000 profit on my Amazon side hustle in a year, now I travel the world – and you can too… – The US Sun

WORKING from home has a different meaning for an Amazon seller who travels the world while running her business.
Bryn Wright, now 27, wasn't happy with her waitressing jobs, so she searched for side hustles to supplement her income.
While she was working two jobs she felt stuck, and was "pinching pennies" to be able to do things she actually enjoyed, she told Insider.
After taking a quick break for some fun, she'd be back in the cycle of working long and hard just for a short period of relief and relaxation.
She felt discouraged by her current lifestyle and although she wanted to be her own boss, she was worried that without a college degree she wouldn't be able to manage her own business.
She came up with an idea to sell used books on Amazon, and although she wasn't sure it would provide the income she was looking for, she ran with it.
After creating an Amazon Seller account, Bryn got to work.
She spent a year traveling the US buying used books to sell on Amazon.
Bryn sent her inventory to an Amazon warehouse that fulfills all the orders she gets.
"The game plan has been to work hard for a few months stocking my inventory, then travel while I make money from it," she said.
Last year she made $140,000 in revenue and close to $90,000 in profit.
Bryn has a second Amazon bookstore front and was able to find other ways to make money in the drop-shipping business — which is where the owner of a business doesn't keep stock on hand.
As long as she has an internet connection Bryn can work from anywhere.
She's constantly traveling and exploring new places while running her business.
"I work hard — it's not all lounging and relaxing, but I'm able to set my own goals for what I want my life to be."
It's up to her to decide her schedule, which comes in handy in the case of power outages or places with slow wifi.
She's been to places like Mexico, Colombia, and Turkey, and her next stop is Bali.
Entrepreneur Stephen Raiken, who has a similar Amazon business, was able to make $17,000 in one month and help his mom retire early.
Recently, Stephen, who describes himself as a full-time reseller, highlighted in a video on his TikTok channel how he did it.
He scans books in thrift stores and other places to see how much they're worth.
“Most people think they are outdated and trash so they give them away for free or for a couple of pennies at a thrift store. I sell a lot of books for $20, $30, $40, [and] $50.” 
Stephen said you’ll need to create an Amazon seller account
While it’s free to sign up, the cost afterward will depend on the selling plan you select. 
For example, individuals are charged 99 cents for each item they sell, while a professional plan comes with a $39.99 monthly fee, regardless of the number of items sold, according to Amazon. 
Amazon also collects a referral fee on each sale that varies by product.
After this, you're all set to start selling.
“Go out there and just start scanning all the books,” Stephen said. 
If you're keen to give it a go, check out the guide on Amazon's website.
Whether you work a side hustle on top of a full-time job or juggle multiple part-time gigs, keep in mind that your earnings are taxable.
The Sun shared how one man used his swimming pool to make almost $200,000.
Plus, we compiled a list of the best 10 money-making side hustles for 2022.
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