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Somehow, things just seem to keep getting worse and worse for the Iowa Hawkeyes in 2022.
Iowa (3-4, 1-3 Big Ten) has insisted week after week on becoming the most unlikable team in the nation, and it is plain obvious to anyone keeping up with the team this year.
It isn’t just that this team is an assault on the eyes and minds of all spectators with the worst offense in college football. The team being bad this year is only one part of the equation. There are bad teams in college football, in Power 5 conferences like Iowa, too, who aren’t nearly as unpleasant as this Iowa team.
Nothing summarizes it all better than head coach Kirk Ferentz’s comments from this past week.
Once again, after the Ohio State game, Ferentz demonstrated a pattern in the Iowa football program of caring more about past success than the dumpster fire that is currently in front of us all.
“Okay, the guys on our staff are guys I think that have demonstrated success. They’re good people and we’re going to keep pushing forward. I don’t feel like we’re doing anything wrong,” Ferentz said.
“I don’t feel like we’re doing anything wrong,” says the coach of a 3-4 team that has the 128th highest scoring offense in the country. Mind you, that’s out of 131 teams. Only Colorado, Colorado State, and UMass average less points per game. Sure, seems like nothing’s wrong!
Ferentz then got very snippy with a reporter’s questions about the offense and his offensive coordinator (and son) Brian Ferentz. He interrupted reporter Doug Lesmerises during his questioning.
That wasn’t all for Ferentz this week, not by a long shot. His real lowlight came in his most recent press conference, provided by Hawkeye Insider David Eickholt. You can watch the full video down below.
Kirk Ferentz complimented his players on how they handled the media on Saturday. Then… said during his line of questioning, he felt he was being interrogated at times on Saturday.
“It dawned on me coming home, as bad as today was, I could have been that guy… had his job…”
— David Eickholt (@DavidEickholt) October 25, 2022

He referred to the questions by Lesmerises as an “interrogation,” then proceeded to demean his job, and coincidentally the jobs of everyone in the room.
“It dawned on me coming home, you know. I said man, as bad as today was it could have been worse, because I could have been that guy. I could have been that guy… had his job and had to act like he did. It could be a hell of a lot worse,” Ferentz said.
Sure Kirk, way to make yourself feel better after getting embarrassed 54-10 on national television. At least you aren’t that reporter! Sure, seems tasteful to mock a reporter’s occupation in front of a group of reporters!
Is there a team that exudes the stench of unearned arrogance more than this current Hawkeyes team? They constantly talk about past success as if they’ve been national title contenders, when in reality they haven’t won the Big Ten since 2004.
Sure, they’ve been a good team, but we saw just last year the massive gap between them and a true contender like Michigan. We’ve seen a horrid offense over the past few years under Brian Ferentz, and it’s all supposed to just be okay since they’ve been in a couple of Outback bowls.
Despite being a a blue collar team for a blue collar state, there’s almost an air of elitism around the Hawkeyes. They’re so convinced that their way is best, and that they are doing the absolute best they can for a school like Iowa and that anyone who dares question is in the wrong.
Just being a bad team doesn’t immediately make you unlikable. Most teams are bound to have at least one down season. However, those programs don’t act snarky to the media who rightfully ask valid questions about a team that is struggling, and an offense that has been struggling mightily for years now.
Instead of 2022 feeling like just a down year that will be just a bump in the road for a successful program, comments like the ones from these past two press conferences just give you the feeling that it is more of an inevitable crash for the Ferentz era.
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