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Ireland has been named the best country for US ex-pats, according to new research conducted by Business Insider.
With more Americans choosing to work remotely, there has been an upward trend in overseas migration. Thus, the business magazine ranked the top 12 countries for US citizens to move to based on the cost of living and quality of life.
So, if you’re based in the States and dreaming of a new life overseas, then you might want to consider the Emerald Isle as the perfect place to set up home.
Making use of data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Business Insider compared the ratio of house price to income across 57 different countries. They also looked at the average price of a two-bedroom flat in the city centre.
According to the data, Ireland received a house price-to-income ratio score of 93.853, the fourth highest score on the list. Belgium received the highest score in this category, coming in at 108.263.
To make the data more accessible for US readers, Business Insider converted currency into dollars. Thus, concluding that the average price of a two-bedroom flat in the city centre is $237,913.97.
However, these were not the only factors contributing to Ireland being named the best country for US ex-pats.
Countries such as Belgium, Finland, and Bulgaria scored higher than Ireland when it came to the house price-to-income ratio. However, Ireland received the highest score from the UN’s Human Development Index, coming in at 0.955.
A popular tourist destination, Business Insider noted that “Ireland is renowned for its wildlife and natural beauty.” They also emphasized how the Emerald Isle boasts an impressive number of national parks and vibrant festivals.
Despite its lower ranking in the category for house price-to-income ratio, Ireland was named the best country for US ex-pats.
They highlighted how Ireland’s real estate market is currently suffering from a housing shortage and a rise in demand that has continued since 2007. Thus, leading to an over-inflated rise in house prices across the country.
However, experts forecast that this exponential rise is not due to continue, with inflationary rises in house prices set to slow by the end of 2022.
Cities such as Dublin see a much higher price tag on home in Ireland. However, if you’re prepared to live outside the capital, it will be much easier to find affordable housing.
Ranking just behind Ireland, Turkey claimed second place on the list of best countries for US ex-pats. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates claimed third place.
Cyprus and Romania tied in fourth place, closely followed by Peru in sixth. North Macedonia ranked seventh, while Finland ranked eighth.
Indonesia tied with Brazil to claim the ninth position, then Bulgaria just missed out on a place in the top spot to claim 11th. Closing out the list, India and Belgium tied in 12th.
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