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Whew! It’s August, and the new school year is upon us. Just like that, the holidays have rolled by, and it is another resumption-preparation period. Looking back, it feels like it was just yesterday when schools vacated for what was supposed to be a ‘long’ summer holiday.
Well, it appears it was not as lengthy as we had thought since it has come and gone by in what seems to be a flash. So, we hope you made the best of it with the summer trips, fun camps, and other activities or memories you must have created with your children in the last couple of weeks.
Now that the holidays are over, some parents probably feel melancholic. At the same time, some are excited that the kids are returning to school. However, different parents feel about the back-to-school season; almost all are nervous about the imminent school runs and expenditures.
Whichever way you swing, it is normal to have mixed feelings about this period. But it is not only parents that feel this way; some children also feel nervous about school resumption, especially for a new academic session. They could even be a little scared on their first day at school because of all the new realities – new classes, new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a new school.
Luckily, these “new” worries only stick around for a short while, so it is crucial for you as a parent to work through your back-to-school anxieties and help your kids get through theirs. This step is not easy, so here is how to navigate the back-to-school season without feeling flustered.
1.  Get Yourself Mentally Ready
The early morning routines, the school runs, and the schoolwork are back, so start preparing your mind for these in earnest. As a parent, this might be somewhat difficult because you must have grown accustomed to the relaxed routine that the summer holidays allowed. Well, brace up because it is time to embrace a more regimented experience yet again.

To prepare for this, you could adjust the usual vacation timelines by making subtle changes to help re-establish the stricter routines needed for the new school year. These would also help prepare the children for the imminent changes to their holiday schedules. These changes include reintroducing the ‘early to bed-early to rise’ protocol, preparing breakfast earlier than usual, limiting screen time, drawing the curtains on fun trips or outings, and talking to them about the possibility of first school-week jitters.
Whatever technique you adopt, it is vital to ensure that it helps mentally get you and your kids into the rhythm of a new school year.
2.  Sort Out the Requirements in Earnest
As is traditional with a new school session, some children may be resuming at a new school. This comes with completely newer school supplies such as backpacks, textbooks, stationeries, tuition fees, school uniforms, etc. It is crucial to sort out all these requirements early in line with the new school’s programme.
Also, considering the realities of the Covid-19 virus, the monkeypox disease threat, and other lurking communicable illnesses, parents must pay keen attention to their children’s health. Be sure to boost the children’s immunity before they resume the new school year. To do this, you can teach them about health safety precautions like sneezing into their elbows and regular hand washings.
It is essential to sort out these financial and medical checklists in time to relieve the pressure you are otherwise susceptible to as the new school year begins.
3.  Prep Up the Newbies

How prepared are the kids for the new school realities? Are they poised for the new school, teachers, friends, subjects, learning environment and maybe a new set of rules and how things are done?
The children need to know that new classes may require less spoon-feeding in teaching techniques and may sit for more complex examinations.
To prevent the children from psychological shock due to these sudden changes, parents must re-orientate them. Introducing practice sessions would help them warm up to the new learning system. What better time to do that than now, the back-to-school preparation period?
4.  Add Insurance to The Priority List
As a parent, providing quality education for your children is a top priority in preparing them for a sustainable, independent, and financially secure future. This process must be interrupted.
This is because, in Africa, one of the leading causes of school dropout is the death or financial incapability of parents/guardians. As such, there is a pressing need for parents to employ a risk mitigation measure like insurance to protect their children’s education in the event of death or financial difficulty. With an insurance policy in place, parents can rest assured that come what may, the continuity of their children’s education is guaranteed.
This is where Leadway Assurance Company Limited, Nigeria’s leading financial services provider, comes in. With Leadway’s Education Savings Plan, Education Target Plan, or Education Protection Plan, your child can have uninterrupted learning for a secure future. It comes with peace of mind, knowing that nothing can stand in the way of achieving your children’s dream, not even the darkness of death.

So, as you prepare for the new school year, pay attention to the future of your children’s education by including procuring any of Leadway’s education plans in your priority list.
If you require more information on their services, please visit  or scan the QR Code at the top right or call the Leadway Assurance Financial Management Experts on 01-2800-700 or email [email protected] for professional advice. You call also request a call back by visiting
We are also within your reach on WhatsApp via our virtual assistant support on 08129997044 or any of our social media outlets – @leadwayassurance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also send a DM, and we will revert with all the information you require.
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