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Learn Raspberry Pi and Arduino with 9 Online Developer Training Courses – The Hacker News


This is an exciting time for the Internet of Things. According to Deloitte research, the average U.S. household now has 25 connected devices — and new products are being launched every day. This rush of demand means that many tech companies are looking for developers with IoT knowledge. And even if you don’t want to specialize in this field, the programming skills are transferable.
Featuring nine full-length video courses, The 2022 Complete Raspberry Pi & Arduino Developer Bundle provides a really good introduction to this world. The included training is worth a total of $1,800, but readers of The Hacker News can currently pick up the bundle for only $39.99.
Special OfferFor a limited time, you can get lifetime access to nine courses on Arduino and Raspberry Pi development for just $39.99. That’s a massive 97% off the total price.
Both the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino were specifically designed to help people learn how to code. But both devices have also been used in exciting DIY projects, from cryptocurrency mining to controlling mini-satellites.
In this bundle, you discover how to program both devices for almost any purpose. You also learn how to write Python and C++, and work with ROS2 — the operating system of choice for robotics developers. All of the courses are beginner-friendly, meaning you don’t need any previous experience. In addition, they have great reviews from past students.
Your instructor is Edouard Renard, a trained software engineer who founded his own robotics startup. He has helped over 23,000 students to date, picking up an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.
Order today for just $39.99 to get lifetime access to all nine courses on desktop and mobile devices, saving a massive 97% on the total price!
Prices subject to change
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