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2022 June 1 14:16

Image source: Marine Rescue Service

The tug of Marine Rescue Service has undergone major overhaul
Multifunctional tug Sivuch is the fifteenth ship of Marine Rescue Service equipped with the dynamic positioning system of DYNPOS-2 class. The ship has undergone major overhaul which included fitting with the advanced dynamic positioning system, says Marine Rescue Service.
Upon completion of the modernization, the ship passed sea trials attended by representatives of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. In the course of the tests within the sea waters the ship demonstrated the performance of DYNPOS-2.
The dynamic positioning system installed on the Sivuch operates on software developed specially for this ship in compliance with the standards valid in the Russian Federation and abroad. The ship’s dynamic positioning system has been upgraded in line with the regulations of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping as well as international standards IМСА М178М166 and IМО MSC 1/Circ1580.
The tugboat has thus obtained new qualification documents confirming its equipment with the dynamic positioning system of DYNPOS-2 class.
Homeport of support vessel Sivuch is Arkhangelsk. The ship’s length is 74.9 m, width – 18 m, displacement – 6,290 t, open deck dimensions 35×15.5 m, cargo capacity – 3,057 t, towing force – 190 t, speed max – 15 knots.
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