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Netflix side hustle can earn you $45 an hour by watching shows just a few hours a day – see how to apply… – The US Sun


HOUSEHOLDS can make extra cash from "tagging" movies and shows for Netflix, a TikToker has revealed.
Ramona, who operates the channel businessbabe1.0, recently went through a remote job at Netflix.
Taggers watch Netflix content and "tag" them to relevant genres and topics.
Netflix uses these tags to suggest movies and shows for people who watched something similar.
Once tags are applied to a video, Netflix can pinpoint where best to feature the video on viewers' feeds.
While the job sounds almost too good to be true, there are some important caveats to consider.
Firstly, the job is infrequently offered.
Currently, it is not featured on the Netflix job board.
When it is featured, it requires a background in writing and/or the entertainment industry, according to Dollar Break.
Although Romona said the gig will pay $45 an hour, payment info is hard to verify online.
The pay rate appears to vary based on the time spent tagging.
And as with most jobs, you have to submit an application with a resume.
Reading fans can also turn their leisure time into a side hustle.
In a recent video on YouTube, influencer Diamond Channel went through a side hustle reading books.
This job requires you to turn books into audiobooks by recording a narration.
And if your artistic passion is more hands-on, another influencer claims to make $39,000 per year repurposing old buttons.
She uses buttons from vintage, designer clothing to make necklaces that are one-of-a-kind.
Once you've picked the right side hustle for you, make sure your new stream of income won't get you in trouble with the IRS.
Any extra income will typically need to be reported to the IRS, and you'll have to pay taxes too.
If you prefer to stay outdoors, check out this leafy side hustle.
And find out which gig pays this influencer around $3,000 a month.
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