NY-Based 'Chip City' Cookie Chain To Open Store in Ridgewood NJ – 94.5 PST

Cookie lovers unite! The cookie industry is growing stronger in New Jersey!
Have you ever heard of Chip City? Maybe not, because they're a budding new cookie chain based out of New York City. But now it's making its mark here in New Jersey!
According to, Chip City will be replacing another dessert store. The location will be at 305 E. Ridgewood Ave., where Ice Cream by Mike once was. They only just closed their doors for good on Aug 14, much to the dismay of locals.
But now that Chip City is moving in, everyone can still satisfy their sweet tooth!
Personally I prefer the war, ooey-gooey types of cookies, and that's exactly what this place serves! And these are more than your basic chocolate chip cookies. Get a load of their s'more's cookie!
Their online menu rotates weekly featuring 6 flavors at a time. But their whole menu features 17 different flavors, including the classic chocolate chip, but also creative flavors like Piña Colada, Cannoli Cookie, Lemon Berry, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Oatmeal Apple Pie! … Excuse me while I salivate.
You can even rent a cookie truck (yes, cookie truck!) for your next catering event!
The Ridgewood location won't be the only New Jersey spot they're planning to open. According to their website, they also have locations coming soon to Newark and Hoboken!
So when is the Ridgewood location opening? They're aiming for early 2023, but right now there's no word on an exact date, according to 
So stay tuned! These cookie look way too good to pass up.


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