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Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC is proud to announce that all employees, including its loan officers, now own stock in the company. This is thanks to its new Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).
As the company grows, the value of each employee’s stock grows with it.
“The success of our company is based on the incredible talent of our employees, and I wanted to make sure they understand that even more by allowing each and every one of them to own stock in what they have helped build,” said Cory Swain, President and CEO of Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC. “If you join our company, you are part of our family, which means we want to do everything we can do take care of you and your family.”
The stock shares are driven by higher volume/more production and reduced expenses and improved profit. No personal employee money is invested in the ESOP program, and they become a participant automatically by meeting certain employment requirements:

Every year an employee is with Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC, they have more shares allocated.
“We are starting 2022 the right way, by putting our people first because they are the ones delivering the dream of home ownership to people across the country,” Swain said.
Additionally, Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC, now offers a match to their 401k retirement plan.
To learn more about becoming a part of the Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC, team click here:
About Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC
Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC has been helping customers achieve the dream of homeownership since 2005, and is staffed by nearly 200 loan officers. Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC offers a full menu of mortgage products, and is an approved Fannie and Freddie seller servicer and direct lender for FHA, VA and USDA. Premier Mortgage Resources, LLC also provides numerous portfolio products to better serve their customers. In addition, they have a full reverse Mortgage Banking division as well as many delegated Jumbo outlets.
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