RNC chairwoman appeals for urgent help for GOP candidates, whose weakening position may mean they miss out on – Business Insider India

Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel urged big-money GOP donors to get behind the party’s Senate candidates, per a recording obtained by Politico.
The move came as Republicans worried that the prospect of retaking the upper chamber in the mid-terms may be slipping from their grasp.
In the conference call, McDaniel praised the party’s midterm candidates, but said that they lagging behind in fundraising.
She pointed to the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which resulted resulted in a huge wave of donations to their Democratic rivals.
“Our candidates can win if they’re outspent two-to-one, but if it gets four, five, six to one, it becomes more difficult, and we’re seeing that specifically on the Senate side. So my call to action today,” McDaniel said, per Politico “is to please help us invest in these Senate races specifically.
“Give to any of these Senate candidates, all of these Senate candidates if you can, so all of them can be on TV.”
Candidates in key races, including Blake Masters in Arizona, JD Vance in Ohio, and Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, are all trailing in the fundraising stakes, the report said.
A few weeks ago Republicans were bullish about their prospects of winning control of both houses of Congress in the midterms.
President Joe Biden’s poll ratings were on the slide and high inflation was a rising concern among voters.
But a backlash to the Roe v. Wade ruling and recent legislative victories for Biden, plus his announcement to forgive student debt for many borrowers, helped change the picture.
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