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Sappington, a leading technology marketing firm with headquarters in Seattle, WA, today announced the appointment of Alicia McGarry to the position of Content Strategist. McGarry will bring enterprise technology to life for the firm’s clients, providing thought leadership and creating powerful content through creative storytelling and messaging frameworks for marketers seeking to position their offerings to win hearts, minds, and market share.
McGarry comes to Sappington with a depth and breadth of experience in brand communications and product marketing across a range of enterprise technology companies. She has led integrated marketing initiatives, defining brand narratives for multinational technology, fintech, and telecom corporations, with a specialization in messaging and positioning strategy and execution.
“Alicia is supercharging our creative team,” said Silvina Gils-Carbo, Content Director at Sappington. “She has an amazing record of success in content marketing across the lifecycle, from positioning to developing customer-facing creative of all kinds. She’s immersed in trends in the marketplace and writes about them with an end-to-end view of how client engagements come together for maximum impact. She understands the world of the tech product marketer and is going to be a tremendous asset to our great clients.”
Previously, McGarry was Chief Developer Brand Strategist at IBM where she headed brand positioning and messaging strategy for the acquisition of Red Hat. Prior to that, she led brand transformation and messaging for the IBM Cloud. She began her career as a journalist with The Chicago Tribune and subsequently held brand strategist roles with Equifax and Sprint.
“I’m beyond thrilled to join the Sappington team and contribute my strategic ‘dots-connector’ approach to content creation,” said McGarry. “I like to look across a tech client’s business needs, integrating and elevating their core messaging to the level where it will have the greatest impact. Today, every brand needs the kind of storytelling that this agency has developed into an artful form of product marketing.”
McGarry attended Loyola University in Chicago, IL and received a BA in Communications. She lives in Shawnee, KS with her husband and their two sons.
Sappington is the premier enterprise technology marketing firm. We partner with marketers at the greatest technology companies in the world to bring innovative products and services to market. Whether clients are focused on cloud, AI, IoT, security, or other cutting-edge technologies, our mission is to ensure that our clients deliver amazing value to their business customers.
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