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Shapewear That Will Heat Up Your Holiday Season


The best time of the year has arrived, the time of discounts in stores so we can buy everything that was on our wishlist. And I confess, I’m addicted to buying clothes for the gym, every month I need a new set. I even try to tell myself that I don’t need it, but something inside me convinces me that I do! Lol!

And the best store to buy gym clothes and other everyday activities is Waist Dear, where you can find sports sets, modeling belts, lingerie and much more. And be careful, the site is already in a black friday shapewear mood, so you will find many incredible discounts to do your shopping.

A gym piece that I still don’t have is a jumpsuit, they are very comfortable and give us great mobility to perform our exercises. This model in black is perfect, it has a neckline on the back, and it even helps to lift your butt, it looks super cute!

The fabric is very comfortable and, as you can see, it has a texture that makes it more beautiful and stylish. It is a very beautiful piece, well worth having in our collection. Definitely one of my next purchases.

Most of my gym clothes are in neutral colors, like black, white and gray, one piece or another is in a more vibrant color, like pink, red and blue, and when I saw these pants all colored in tie-dye style I fell in love ! These pants are great for training at the gym, but also practicing yoga, pilates and hiking. As you can see in the photo, it even helps to lift the butt.

Its fabric is very resistant, and of great quality, it is breathable, and absorbs sweat well. In addition, on the website, there are several other models in this tie-dye style, with other color combinations, that is, there is something for everyone.

One tip is to combine it with white or even black tops. I don’t know about you, but I love going to the gym feeling stylish, I believe it gives me more energy to train, and I feel better about myself.

Now, a basic outfit everyone has to have, this one is for those days when you want to be more minimalist and stylish at the same time. Imagine this set with white sneakers, it looks amazing, or even black sneakers, keeping an all black look. If the day is a little cold, throw a coat over it and a hat, everyone will want to have your style.

But let me ask you: have you ever thought about putting together everyday looks with gym clothes? This black set is perfect for that! Put a denim jacket on top, sneakers or boots and abuse the accessories, in addition to being fashionable, you will be super comfortable.

In case you don’t want a black set, there are also other colors of this model, such as blue, red, burgundy and white. And it has several sizes, up to XXL, so you can rest assured that you will find your ideal size.

One of my goals at the gym is to gain more volume in my butt, and the butt lifting shapewear is perfect for that. It helps to cram the butt, making our silhouette much more attractive. Imagine wearing that sexy dress with this piece, you’ll look much prettier and feel slimmer.

The one in the photo above can be found in black too, it has a very resistant fabric, and lace details to give it an extra elegance. It can be worn under clothes such as dresses, skirts and pants, and it is a piece that gives women a lot of comfort, so that they can spend hours feeling prettier, without worries.

One point that I found very interesting is that at the waist and in the lace, these modeling panties have a type of glue that helps to not roll up while you walk. That’s great! It has even happened to wear models of modeling panties that keep curling up and showing the volume on the clothes, this bothered me a lot, and I ended up not feeling comfortable with the look.

We all have to have a body shaper in our wardrobe, even better if it’s in a nude tone, which is close to our skin tone. Waist Dear is without a doubt the best wholesale shapewear place to buy all these pieces. The one in the photo above is perfect, it models the waist and legs, gives more support and firmness to the breasts and even lifts the butt.

Another positive point is that it has a hook closure at the crotch to make it easier to go to the bathroom. It is ideal to be used with party dresses, as it is super comfortable on the body, and still leaves that hourglass shape that we all like.

So don’t miss this chance to take advantage of Waist Dear’s Black Friday and buy your clothes and modeling belts to give you that extra boost to exercise. Taking care of health is one of the best things for a happier life.


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