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 As a current or aspiring HR manager, it is essential that you have the skills you need to distinguish yourself from the competition and excel in an increasingly crowded field.
As the global HR industry continues to experience double-digit annual growth, there are greater opportunities in the field than ever before. What matters is that you have the skills that you need to fully take advantage of them.
Fortunately, you do not need to go back to grad school to upgrade your skill set. Rather, you can simply choose from these high-quality online courses that all HR managers can use to make themselves more marketable in the global job market.
Read on to find out the best online courses that any successful HR manager should be taking in 2021. 
If you want to master the skills and know-how that you need to effectively manage people within an organization, you need a truly holistic training experience. This is where the award-winning Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) comes in.
With their all-in-one HR management training course, you can access 30 online modules and receive a widely recognized management certificate upon completion. The courses cover highly relevant areas of the HR field, including people analytics, L&D, and HR metrics. 
For anyone wishing to pursue a truly global HR career at some of the planet’s top corporate titans, getting your English language skills up to scratch is essential. Fortunately, this is where the immersive business English online language training from Preply comes in.
Preply offers dedicated tutors from all over the world that can provide you with the expert training you need to speak the language of global HR. Without a thorough understanding of business English and English language HR terminology, you may find it difficult to distinguish yourself in a global candidate field, so this is a useful tool to ensure your linguistic skills are as sharp as possible. 
For a complete free-of-charge online HR course from one of the world’s top educational institutions, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “People and Organizations” program is about as good as it gets.
Rather than simply offering generic HR instruction, this innovative course gets into the theory of how effective management of people can allow any organization to excel. Signup is straightforward and instruction takes place via twice-weekly 90-minute lectures, with exams and essays between. 
The UK’s Open University has won widespread acclaim for its commitment to bringing truly top-tier remote instruction to people all over the world, free-of-charge. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this institution offers one of the best online courses on recruitment strategy that you will find anywhere.
This completely free course teaches you all of the essentials of constructing and managing a fair and effective recruitment process so that you can always attract the very best talent to your organization. There are 12 hours of instruction with this one, all of which can be taken at your own pace.
Bringing it back to MIT for this incredibly useful online course, which looks specifically at labor markets and where HR managers fit into this important element. More specifically, the free-of-charge ‘Labor Markets & Employment Policy’ course looks at how HR managers can keep their organizations compliant with ever-evolving policies and employment laws.
It also examines emerging trends in labor policy and how HR managers can effectively incorporate these into their long-term strategies. If you are aspiring to work in HR in the public sector, this course can be a very useful way to launch your career in that direction. 
Wharton Business School has built a sterling reputation in recent years for offering unparalleled online courses in a wide variety of business-related topics. If you want your very own certificate from Wharton, you can take their acclaimed Human Capital program, a free online program that looks at how you can use your position as an HR manager to bring out the full potential in every single member of your organization.
The course contains seven hours of remote teaching from two Wharton professors, who will walk you through the ways that you can reshape company culture to bring out the best in your team, no matter where you work. 
The Josh Bersin Academy is highly respected within the field, owing to the fact that it is an online-only school that is created by top HR managers and aimed solely at ambitious HR managers who wish to advance in their careers.
If you want a skillset that is future-proof and focused on the issues and trends that truly matter within the industry, you should enroll in the Future of HR course, which looks at a range of trends that are reshaping HR and the priorities that managers should have. More importantly, this course focuses heavily on HR in a world of remote working, teaching you how to create a functional remote working culture in which nobody is left behind. 
We all know the importance of making sure that everyone in the team is able to address their unconscious biases to ensure that nobody is excluded. However, HR managers have a unique and significant responsibility to make sure that everyone in the team is able to make the necessary effort to dismantle discriminatory workplace practices.
If you want to empower your team to create a truly equal opportunity workplace, Grovo’s essential “Addressing Unconscious Bias” course is an incomparable resource. The program consists of 20 micro-learning courses, where you go through a multitude of real-life scenarios and identify the ways in which an effective HR manager can work to prevent unconscious biases from holding your organization back.
These are the top online courses that you can take right now to improve your skills and marketability as an HR manager. By investing the time to learn about the latest trends in HR from some of the field’s top educators, you can get the qualifications that will allow you to take your career anywhere. 
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