TRC's Elliot Savitzky will speak at MRMW market research conference in Atlanta presenting a case study about sustainability and finding unique positioning – PR Web


TRC Market Research, a Philadelphia-based market research consultancy that specializes in conjoint analysis, message prioritization, and pricing research, announced today that their Senior Vice President, Elliot Savitzky, will be speaking at the upcoming market research conference MRMW market research conference. Elliot will be joined by TRC's client, Hannah Robbins, Chief Marketing Officer of Spruce Haven Farm.
The MRMW, organized by the Merlien Institute, is a market research conference that takes place in Atlanta on June 15-16th, 2022. The conference consists of live discussions, cutting-edge case studies, round tables and interactive networking sessions. It brings together forward-thinking clients, innovative agencies, and technology disruptors to discuss the latest trends and innovations that drive the industry forward. The unique MRMW concept allows for a diverse range of participants and topics at each conference, offering local trends as well as a global perspective.
Elliot Savitzky and Hannah Robbins will present a story of sustainability and of finding the optimal target, differentiated positioning, and a new package for the relaunch of Spruce Haven Farm's flagship product, Spruce Cold Brew. Spruce Haven Farm partnered with TRC Market Research to conduct a rigorous market research study that employed TRC's unique and proprietary research techniques. The techniques were critical in identifying a new target audience, new messaging, and new product design to support Spruce Cold Brew's successful relaunch. The study was conducted among 1,200 respondents representing Millennials and Gen Zers. The technique examined thirty-five product benefits as well as twenty-four versions of product packages. It was able to prioritize all the items and clearly separate the winners from the losers.
About TRC Market Research, a Philadelphia market research company
TRC Market Research is a market research consultancy that provides expertise and guidance in product development, message prioritization, pricing research, discrete-choice conjoint analysis, qualitative and quantitative integration, and market research online communities.
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