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Twitter layoffs Musk begins mass layoffs at twitter – 2022


Elon mask begins Twitter layoffs

That’s not good! how you should tell me? have you been ever that super busy checking your employee’s performance? I know what is happening to the people who are working professionally, we have such employees but if you are watching them closely other than watching them destroyed if you do not have such a working mechanism you will not able to run tech companies. As I know Musk is not such a person who has time to correct their employee’s mistakes he has his own mistakes to correct. sorry if you mind but in my case it’s true.

Twitter employee’s mass twitter layoffs

Firing your employees is hard for everyone who wants to grow with them and watch them touch their career goals as you want, but why he will do that just because of money no! no! it’s not like you have to create an Extraordinary leader that can help them to reach their goals and achieve what they want. if it is not possible you have to involve others you have to close the do not play with people who need a babysitter.

Twitter employees living in fear!

Let me clear you on Twitter’s mass layoffs, I’m not writing how many employees are shocked by this decision or calling Elon Musk a dangerous person. whatsoever I know how hard you going to keep things in the manner that they are but they’re much bigger consciences you have to face if you have underperforming employees. Who are not ready for anything on time and deliver results because they are working for lower or higher wages no matter what they are getting from you and if you are getting O and O, O then you have to take hard decisions. Clear things up no matter who’s telling you bad and monstrous!  you know you are not!

You are the only person who can stop you!

Why Twitter has decided to fire the whole curator’s team

So, now you may know! I fired my whole staff last week! yes, I have taken the decision that I seem perfect because if you want to grow new crops in the same place you have to clear that place after that you can do it. So as you all know if someone is really good at their work they don’t have to worry about that because I know they manage that phase of life and I know this is ridiculous because this all happens because of a few people.


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