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Facebook for Marketing has shown to deliver great results and therefore, it remains the top choice for most businesses. According to recent reports on marketing budgets, Facebook continues to lead as the top platform for social media promotions, beating others such as Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Snap and Instagram. Businesses use Facebook for Marketing to target audiences between the age group of 18 and 44 years. Depending on marketing and advertising needs, an effective Facebook ad campaign could range between 70 cents and $10 USD. Average CPC on Facebook ads hovers at $1.72 across industries. In this article, we will provide some useful tips on how businesses can effectively use Facebook for Marketing.
Facebook happens to be the market leader amongst the social media platforms run globally. A popular spot to share experiences, thoughts and photographs, Facebook consumes the  most of the downtime of global consumers. More than just a meeting place, Facebook has been gradually evolving as a popular social media brand during the last few years. A perfect place to market your business ideas and skills, Facebook has helped in grounding entrepreneurial spirits all across the globe. 
Facebook is a terrific tool for marketing, particularly when it comes down to referral-based shopping. According to HubSpot, social media referrals drive 71% of the users to make an online purchase. In this social media ecosystem, Facebook is a king of referral-based opportunities. Majority of the entrepreneurs across the globe have endorsed Facebook as the most popular platform in promoting products and services. Going forward, it is important to understand that promotion in Facebook requires less time and zero investments. However, entrepreneurs reveal that following the right strategies for promotion in Facebook can only enable success in the long run. 
Professionals from the industry of digitized contents reveal that Facebook remains to be a powerful marketing tool, as it’s an ecosystem promoting absolute consumer access. Entrepreneurs can thus easily pitch with the products being marketed while creating an absolute customer connect at one go.
Easy listing of products and services can help the business owner to gain consumer attention. At the same time, FB may help the entrepreneurs to create a customizable space through sharing interesting product links and images. Entrepreneurs from across the globe, reveal that FB can give a humane opportunity to connect the thoughts of the business owner and the consumers to provide a mutually convenient product perception framework at the end of the day.  
A very pertinent concept, consultants’ from the digital content industry state that, business owners have hell lot of options to engage consumers. Within the social media platform, the proprietor can create nice opportunities to connect, be it through displaying hilarious videos, or interesting visually appealing product posts. According to a research by PwC,     it was revealed that, almost 74% of the consumers strike decisions of purchase through social media. Consumer engagement therefore, can be harnessed through interesting contents, leveraging the consumers’ attention and building upon it further. 
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Although you can promote your products and services through chat tools, it is recommended that, all entrepreneurs need to learn about the popular marketing tools. However, at the end of the day, it is understood that creating a strong brand presence is the key towards long term sustenance. 
What are some popular marketing tools in FB?
Providing interesting contents on the side columns of Facebook can help in gaining consumer attention. Referred more commonly as marketplace ads by most of the entrepreneurs, the content owner can include a catchy headline, a visually appealing image, coupled with a ‘click-through link’, in favor of the product, for that matter of fact. Social media experts say that, FB advertisement can work wonders in achieving sales volumes across networks.
A majority of the global population is on Facebook, and a bulk of the day is spent on surfing the internet. Facebook is a platform to enjoy consumer downtime, for most of us, and it is a tool to stay connected. However, market analysts’ suggest that Facebook can help through reaching out in odd market segments, while consumers can be lured in to understand the product utilities better. 
As per reports available through reputed advisory firms, it is clear that, almost 58% of people had been using social media based contents since the pandemic year and almost 86% of the consumers having disposable incomes reached out to Facebook to purchase various products. (Exhibit II). Therefore, setting up a well thought out product promotion campaign can help a business owner to reach out to targeted consumers.
Facebook is a great platform to market your products provided you know the impactful strategies. Targeting according to demographics is important while categorization of consumers can help you in designing interesting contents. One interesting way to create classic advertisement is through creating a single panel, while tracking metrics can help you to understand the footfalls generated. Intervention of artificial intelligence can help you to initiate a perfect integration of Facebook Pixel and WordPress while features related to automation can save time with optimization.  
AiT Staff Writer is a trained content marketing professional with multiple years of experience in journalism and technology blogging.
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